Welcome to our breeder site, le Bassetarium.
We’ve enjoyed our bassets since 1987.
All those years of passion has been devoted to the development,
health, conformation and temperament of our Basset Hounds.
Our kennel is the result of love, persistence and our specialized Basset Hounds breeding program
has been build on respect and true meaning of the breed.
A good temper is essential to have these dogs so unique and loveable.

Our Kennel, now located in Carignan on the south shore at 10 minutes from Montreal,
is a combination of strong Canadians and Americans bloodlines.
Those bloodlines have proved themselves at the highest levels by producing international, Canadian,
American, and Bermudans champions. We are very proud of having such a fine bloodline.
We’ve always been careful on the quality of the bassets we’ve acquired and bred,
and we are still working on the development of the breed, at the highest levels
in respect and honor of those who worked so hard to provided such fine bloodlines.

The primary objective of all good breeders must be to preserve and improve characteristics of the breed,
which we have subscribed to from the start.

We love strong, good structure and sound Basset Hounds, as the breed should be.
For all the above reasons, our breeding program is very selective.

Our kennel has a great passion for this extraordinary breed.
We could not live without our Basset Hounds; they are our lives.

We are member of the Canadian Kennel Club as well as Basset Hound Club of Canada. 


Valid permit : Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation Québec. No. 2243449-0001-1


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