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October 08th

Our lovely Bassetarium Special Edition ( Diva )has her one page 




July 7th

Chateauguy Valley Kennel Club.


MBPIS.Ch. Bassetarium Haute Décision (Matcho-Man)


July 5th show 2 :  under judge Doug Windsor, Best of Breed, Group-3.

July 6th :  under judge Carmen Haller, Best of Breed, Group-1.

July 7th :  under judge  Janet Lobb, Best of Breed, Group-2.

MBPIS.Ch. Bassetarium Haute Décision, 3rd Basset Hound in Canada




June 14th 

St-Francis Kennel Club

Under judge  Joan Beech

Bassetarium Limited Edition , Best of Breed, Group-4.








June 1st 


Dog show Société Canine de Thetford, le 25-26 may.




Saturday show 1. Under judge Dianne Miller,

MBPIS. Ch. Bassetarium Haute Décision (Matcho-Man),Best of Breed, Goup 2, Best Puppy in Group and Best Puppy in Show.

Bassetarium Special Edition (  Diva ) Winner F.


Saturday show 2.  Under judge Jacqueline Rusby, MBPIS. Ch. Bassetarium Haute Décision, Best of Breed, Goup 4, Best Puppy Group.

Bassetarium Brenda Lee, Winner F.


Sunday show 3. Under judge Valerie Gervais, MBPIS.Ch. Bassetarium Haute Décision, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Group.

Ch. Bassetarium Brenda Lee, Winner F. New Champion.



Sunday show 4. Under judge Chery Myers-Egerton, MBPIS.Ch. Bassetarium Haute Décision, Best of Breed, Group 4, Best Puppy in Show .

Bassetarium Spécial Edition. ( Diva ) Winner F.

Ho my god this was a great weekend , thank you to our good friend Gilles Chaloux for his help


Mai 15th   2013


Show prospect picture at 13 weeks





Père. Ch. Bassetarium National Treasure (Toony)

Mère. Bassetarium Twilights Zone (Ripley)






Mai 6th  2013


Club Canin du Bas St-Laurent

Mai 4-5  2013

New Ch.Bassetarium Haute Décision ' Matcho Man '

Ch.Bassetarium National Treasure x Ch.Bassetarium Hollywood Nights


Saturday 1st show. Under judge  M.Lanctot. Best of Breed,

 Group 1st, Best Puppy in Group.

Saturday 2nd show. Under judge D.Gaudin, Best of Breed,

Group  2nd, Best Puppy In Group


Sunday 1st show. Under judge A.Gaudin. Best of Breed,

Group 2nd, Best Puppy In Group.

Sunday 2nd show. Under judge P.Lanctot. Best of Breed,

Group 3rd, Best Puppy In Group and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

Handle by Louis Goyer.




Club Canin Rive-Sud de Montréal

April 28th 2013

Bassetarium Haute Décision ' Matcho Man '

Ch.Bassetarium National Treasure x Ch.Bassetarium Hollywood Nights

Under judge Sandra Anderson, Best of Breed, Group 4th, Best Puppy in

Group. Handle by Louis Goyer



Matcho Man at 7 weels



Pictures of our show prospect.

By Holly and Toony

born February 7th. 2013








Litter born 07/02/2013

5 females & 5 males



Sire: Ch. Bassetarium National Treasure (Toony)

Dame: Bassetarium Twilights Zone (Ripley)


Pictures of puppys









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